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The Best Magic Show In Malta and Gozo for Children, Families or Adults.

Magic Shows for Everyone. Tailor-made magic shows for children, families and adults by Malta's leading magician, Brian Role'. With a track record of hundreds of professional magic shows for all types of events, you can trust Brian Role' to provide the most entertaining magic for your event. Contact Magician Brian Role' immediately if you are looking for the most entertaining magic show for children and/or adults in Malta and Gozo.

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Types of Magic Shows Available in Malta and Gozo

Magic Shows For Any Audience, Age, Occasion, Event, And Venue.

Children’s Magic Show Available in Malta or Gozo

Brian offers a colorful, interactive and fun magic show for children. Each show is tailored to the specific age group. Lots of participation and the party child becomes the star! Learn more about Brian's kids magic show and how you can easily book it for your child's party.

Family Magic Show Available in Malta or Gozo

A special magic show with magical content suitable for children and adults alike. This makes it ideal for special occasions where your guests are a mix of adults and children and the show is not specifically for a children's audience. Learn more about this show and how to book it.

Adult Theme Magic Show Available In Malta or Gozo

Brian takes a different approach with his adult magic show. These type of shows consist of non-offensive content which is specifically scripted for mature audiences consisting of adults only. Perfect for adult only events. Learn more about this show and how to book it.

Close Up Magic Shows Available in Malta or Gozo

You can not get any closer to magic than with a close-up magic performance. Especially suitable for weddings, corporate events, dinners and similar occasions. See objects levitate in front of your nose, cards change in your hands, and more incredible feats of magic.

Magic For Everyone Everywhere

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Meet Brian Role`

The Magician In Malta Delivering Great Magic For Any Kind Of Event

Brian Role`

Magic - Illusionist - Wonder Maker

What They Say After The Show

Some Of The Feedback Recived

Everyone was dazzled by his tricks some even saying it’s the best magic they have ever seen”. I highly recommend Brian and I will be using him again for future events.

F Van Riel

Events Coordinator RAKETECH

On behalf of all the Creative Energy Club, I would like to thank you for giving us a magnificent show! Everyone is still talking about it!!

Philip Stilton

Director Creative Energy Club

Brian is super talented at what he does. I organised a team event for one of our teams in the company and Brian was super professional and efficient from day one.

Elizabeth Darmanin

Event Manager GiG

A very magical experience indeed. Very professional & talented. Had both young ones as well as adults by the first magic trick. Super Well done and highly recommended.

Marisa C. Borg

Private Client

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Children's Magic Show Malta

June and lots of Children’s Magic Show Malta, Gozo and Comino

June and I am happy to say that I have several children’s magic shows already booked for First Holy Communion and Birthday parties… #magicianmalta #magicshowmalta