Need A Magician? Here’s How To Book A Magic Show In Malta And Gozo

If you are looking for the best magic show for your event, child’s party, wedding, or venue, and have never booked one before, then read the following to ensure you know what to look for when choosing the correct options for your needs.

First Choose The Right Option For You!

Brian Role’ offers several show options to choose from. Take a look at the list below and click on the best option that will work best for your event in Malta or Gozo. Then contact Malta’s award-winning magician to get a free, no-obligation quote. All shows and services are subject to Brian’s availability on the desired date and time.

  • CHILDREN’S MAGIC SHOW in Malta and Gozo – Interactive, fun full of participation, and ideal for children from ages 4 and up.
    Brian’s children’s magic show includes a varied program that is colorful, fun, and magical.
  • FAMILY MAGIC AND ILLUSION SHOW in Malta and Gozo – Ideal for families where you want to entertain adults as well as children.
    A special show for a mixed-age audience made up of adults and children.
  • ADULT MAGIC SHOW Malta and Gozo – Suitable for hens, bachelors, and other adult-only events.
    A special show for persons 18+ presented by a professional with years of experience entertaining and amazing people!
  • CLOSE-UP MAGIC in Malta and Gozo – Best suited for weddings, corporate events, dinners, and similar occasions.
    The most intimate and up close for magic by Magician Malta.

Next Contact Brian Role` For His Top Quality Magic Services.

Let Brian know exactly what you want, who the show is for, the type of audience and event, and what the occasion is. Brian will tailor-suite a package that will fit in perfectly with your event. Brian can entertain children, adults, and both alike with the most amazing magic show and close-up walk-around magic you will find in Malta and Gozo. As Malta’s only full-time professional specialist, you are guaranteed the best top-quality magical entertainment for your event. Give your guests the best experience through the magic of Brian Role`.

Book A Professional Magic Show For Your Event In Malta or Gozo

Booking a magic show and knowing that it is good enough for your event, is always a confusing thing, especially if you have not seen it before. But with Brian, rest assured that the process is simple and you are getting the best for your event. Brian’s experience is vast and having performed in several countries across the world, for different types of events and audiences, he is not only well experienced in what he does but also a master at it. Whether you wish to book Brian for a show for children or to entertain your family or your guests at a wedding or corporate event, rest assured that Brian will serve you with the best magic and show to suit the situation and style of your event. Brian Role` is Malta’s top magician with years of experience performing shows worldwide on a professional basis and recognised with several awards for his showmanship and magic.


Fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page, with your event details. Upon confirmation of Brian’s availability on the date and time requested, you will be sent the best-suggested options available for your event and a quote for his services. By booking Brian for your event, you are not only guaranteed the most professional service you would expect but also a friendly approach and easy process from beginning to end.

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Brian Role` is a member of several international magic associations across the world. He is a member of:
The Magic Circle, the most prestigious magic club in the world where members need to pass an exam in order to be accepted.
The S.A.M, the oldest magic society in the world, of which is also the International Assembly envoy for Malta and Gozo.
The I.B.M., the world’s largest magic association.
The I.B.M. Ring 202 Malta, Malta’s magical society.


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