Do You Need A Great Kids Magic Show For A Holy Communion or Birthday Party?

Are you looking for an entertaining children’s show for your child’s party?
Do you want to see your little ones’ faces light up with joy and amazement, curiosity and wonder?
Are you expecting a no-fuss fully professional service from the best magician in Malta?

If you answer YES to any of those questions, then Brian Role` offers the best solution for YOU!

Brian’s Children’s Magic Show Is Full Of Fun

  • A show that is full of laughter, amazing magic, and of course lots of children’s participation.
  • Various shows are tailored to suit different age groups.
  • The Party Child gets to perform an amazing illusion.
  • An optimal duration for children – 30mins or 45mins shows to choose from.
  • Optional add-ons after the show for longer durations.
  • Ideal to set up in any environment and venue.
  • Includes everything from PA system (where required) to full set-up.
  • Brian Role` does not use of animals in any of his magic shows.

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Why Brian Role` for a Kids Magic Show, Malta or Gozo?

Choosing Brian to create magic for your child’s Birthday or Holy Communion Party, is a guarantee of having the best magical entertainment for your event in Malta or Gozo. Apart from Holy Communion and Birthday Parties, Brian Role` Also Offers Themed Magic Shows for:

Children’s Carnival Parties – Children’s Halloween Parties – Children’s Christmas Parties

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Brian Role`, a well-experienced magician has been providing children’s magic shows in Malta and Gozo since 1997. He is unique and offers a different approach to magic shows, always modernising his acts to make them appealling to children of all ages and of all nationalities. Brian is a multi-award winner and a member of various magician associations across the world. These include the famous Magic Circle in London. The various awards, the multiple professional memberships together with his vast worldwide professional experience offer peace of mind and guarantee that his shows will not disappoint you!

Book Brian’s Children’s Magic Show Now For A No-Fuss – Hassle-Free Service. Get A Free Quote Today!

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Brian Rolè

Brian Rolè is an active international Maltese magician and illusionist. He was born on Malta’s sister island Gozo in 1972 and became a full-time professional