June and lots of Children’s Magic Show Malta, Gozo and Comino

A Children’s Magic Show Malta, Gozo, and even Comino!

June 2022, and I am happy to say that I have several children’s magic shows already booked for First Holy Communion and Birthday parties this month and next.

As a matter of fact, I am all over the place throughout June with my children’s magic show, Malta, Gozo, and even one on the tiny island of Comino later on in the month!

It is great seeing the young ones having fun and parents, when present, looking amazed and wondering how does he do that too! I consider my show for children quite unique and special. My mentoring in acting and drama does come in handy so I am able to captivate the imagination of children and pull them into the action, magic, and of course the fun.

I could have opted to include animals or for my show to be without music and drama and keep it simple to try and fit in as many bookings as I could like some others do. But I like to be able to concentrate on one event at a time and ensure everything is perfect. Also, my show is so varied, colorful, and fun that I do not need animals to make it spectacular and through my experience, it is guaranteed that the children are the stars of the show!

Apart from my children’s magic show I also have a number of events with close-up magic lined up for weddings and corporate summer parties. It is great seeing people rejoin after the turmoil during the past couple of years and it is even greater for me to be part of it.

Thank you for choosing me to entertain you during your events and as always let the best magic entertain you!

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  • Is Colorful
  • Is Fun
  • Is Interactive
  • Is Magical
  • Contains Modern and Classic Magic
  • Keeps Everyone Entertained
  • Parents Will Love Too

Children's magic show

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