Are you planning an event for adults and are looking for some fun entertainment?
This Type Of Magic Show Is Great For These Kind Of Special Events!

Are you organising a Hen’s Night, Bachelor or Adult Themed Party and want something funny and amazing aimed to entertain a mature audience? Then the Adult Magic Show is a great solution for you! Brian Role` offers a funny and amazing magic show for such occasions. The most magical content that an Adult-only audience is guaranteed to be entertained with, and will find so funny! Why? Because of the selection of tricks and Brian’s canny sense of humor.

Trying to figure out how Brian does what he does is only part of the fun! Brian’s sense of humor ( imagine a take on a Black Adder / Lee Mack ) means he delivers his show with a choice of words that leaves everything to each own’s sense of imagination. The show’s material will tantalize the spectators’ thoughts, in a peculiar manner, without offending wowsers (too much). It’s all a bit of harmless fun spiced up with magic that will still amaze those participating and watching.

The show is ideal to book not just for Hens nights or bachelor parties, but also for occassions where a bunch of adults wish to get together to enjoy a relaxing evening either at their home or at an other venue in the company of some great entertaining magic with their friends.

Brian’s Adult-Themed Magic Show Is Not For Everyone!

However, it is intentionally for those who are looking at some great entertainment that is:

  • full of amazing magic with adult material and available for 18+ only
  • funny in a canny manner, that is peculiarly meaningful to adults.
  • fitting for Hen’s, Bachelor, Birthdays or any other type of Adult Theme Party.
  • fills a 30 time frame that is full of innuendos, jokes, and a unique blend of magical wonder!
  • for Private Events only, taking place in a private residence or an exclusively booked venue.

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What Does Brian Perform During His Adult Magic Show?

Brian performs his exclusive set of magical wonders, but with a twist. While his script contains lots of adult innuendos, it is non-offensive. The material is funny, in a peculiar manner. His uniqueness in delivering such material lies within his personality. Brian’s charm will not belittle or offend anyone and he does not include racial or sexist material. He does however deliver fun, laughter, and of course that magical sense of wonder you can only expect from Brian. Brian brings smiles to faces, surprise to unexpecting participants and amazement through his skillful magic.

Funny Adult Magic Show In Malta and Gozo


Book Brian’s adult magic show to surprise your friends with a fun intervention during their hen or bachelor’s party!
Book this show if you are organising an adult-only party at home, with friends you know will not be offended by certain subjects and other adult material.
But whatever you do, DO NOT book this show if your parents, grandparents and other relatives are to be present, unless you know they will find it funny too!

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Looking for another type of magic show?

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Brian Rolè – Wikipedia

Brian Rolè is an active international Maltese magician and illusionist. He was born on Malta’s sister island Gozo in 1972 and became a full-time …

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More About Brian’s Magic Shows For Adults

For Hen’s Nights

Brian provides a perfect blend of magic for these kinds of events. There are a lot of inuendos that take Brian’s amazing magic to different levels.
The main fun is around the bride-to-be, however, some of the other guests get to have a taste of the surprises in store for them too. The show is good for events held in private residences or held in rented venues. There is no major setup, Brian arrives, sets u his table and the show begins! This makes it great to surprise everyone with Brian’s intervention. All the acts are carefully chosen and put together as a funny, entertaining set that ends with the bride-to-be as the center of attraction. Once all the fun has been had, Brian finishes off with something beautiful, memorable, and touching creating an intangible priceless memior.

What do you expect to experience during this kind of show?

Brian performs 6 (or more) of his most engaging adult-themed routines especially altered to entertain this kind of audience. Things will vanish and reappear in the strangest of places, other things will float! Unquestionable questions will be asked… and answered!! Brian will dig deep into your mind and bring out things he possibly could not have known. In short, you get to experience the most unbelievable magic in a funny and entertaining manner!

Bachelor Parties

Imagine the Groom when everyone tells him that they have a surprise for him and he’s expecting anything but a magician! Imagine his face when Brian pops up with his magic case to perform a magic show. It’s definitely not what a groom expects of what is meant to be the wildest night before his wedding, which makes it even funnier. However, once the show begins, the Groom will be amazed, will be entertained, and will enjoy an unforgettable time. The jokes are straight to the point, the tricks are explicit and the script…ssh that’s a secret! Of course whatever happens after the show is up to whoever is organising the surprises.

What happens during this kind of show?

As per the shows for Hen Parties, the magic is adult-themed but different acts will be performed that suit the kind of audience. Again, the show has one aim and that is to entertain the audience with something funny, magical amazing and an unforgettable experience that you can discuss whenever you get to meet after the big day.

Birthday Parties

Your friend is turning a specific age and you are organising a surprise party with a small group of close friends. The venue is booked, the grub is organised, the drinks are in place and you have the music sorted. But you want to spice up the evening with a brief intervention that is fun, amazing and that will attract the attention of everyone. You do not want a singer and you do not want dancers or any other kind of act. You are looking for some entertainment that is different from the norm and that will add surprise, and laughter to the party. Brian’s soft-core adult magic show is just about right for this kind of event.

Are these kind of shows the same as Hen and Bachelor Shows?

No, they are not. The jokes are not as straightforward as in the Hens or Bachelor party shows. The tricks are mild and varied. However, the entertainment is still amazing and surprising and intended for an adult audience. At the end of the show, the person celebrating their Birthday will become the center of attraction with a special illusion performed especially for them.

Other Adult Only Events

It does not have to be a special occassion to invite a few friends over to your home for a great time in their company. Perhaps you are orgainsig a BBQ or having a few friends over for some drinks and nibbles and are looking for something different to entertain them with? Brian’s show fits in these kind of situations quite nicely. Brian has different sets of magic to fit in with any type of audience, venue or event. Let Brian know what kind of event it is, what kind of people your guests are and what you expect from him and, if he is available, he will guide you to the best form of entertainment for your event.

For more information about this show or any other show that Brian can offer, please contact Brian Role` today with all the details about your event so that he can guide you and offer you the best entertainment for your events. Contact Brian here.

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